Zeoli: The FBI 'Badly Abused Civil Liberties'

The Rich Zeoli Show 12/10/2019

The Rich Zeoli Show
December 10, 2019 - 10:41 am

(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)


On today's show, Rich Zeoli talked extensively about the Inspector General's report. Rich showed disdain toward the FBI for the behavior of the people running it and explained the moment that the agency crossed the line.

"The Inspector General's report, while it does not go as far as I would like, it does show how the FBI just so badly abused civil liberties and the gross misconduct by the FBI in getting warrants to surveil Carter Page. It's the kind of thing that should make every American, regardless of your political party, wake up and say, 'We are heading toward a police state if we don't do something about this.'"

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During the hour of non-stop talk, Rich talks about the funding of Democratic campaigns and the candidates that are, politically, worlds apart. Rich explains why being "kooky" doesn't work out in the long run. Rich points out how it is not diversity that is important to the Democrats, but a common ideology. Rich talks with Congressman Guy Reschenthaler about the impeachment hearings and also reveals the most commonly stolen item from luxury hotels.


Rich Zeoli talks with Congressman Guy Reschenthaler about the deal reached for the USMCA, as well as why he thinks Donald Trump did not commit any crimes. Reschenthaler points to the lack of evidence of quid pro quo or bribery. Reschenthaler talks about Jerry Nadler and how his treatment of the Republicans will not be soon forgotten. Plus, the testimony of the staff members and why they are not accountable to the people.


Rich Zeoli talks with Eric Trump about his father's upcoming visit to Hershey, PA and the message Donald Trump wants to spread. Trump also talks about the opposition his father has faced from the left and how the Trump family has had a positive attitude despite the battle. Plus, the progress made in Pennsylvania and why the USMCA will be a great deal for the United States.