Zeoli: The Whistle Blower Act Doesn't Protect Your Anonymity

The Rich Zeoli Show 11/5/19

The Rich Zeoli Show
November 05, 2019 - 9:54 am

Alex Wong / Staff


                Today on The Rich Zeoli Show, Rich discussed how due process in all aspects of our Republic must be protected at all costs and how the whistle blower act protects you from retaliation but not anonymity.   

                “The whistle blower protection act doesn’t protect your anonymity that is a misnomer. It protects the ability of people to retaliate against you for being a whistle blower. Your anonymity can’t necessarily be protected because if you accuse of something, well, that’s going to sometimes be public record, it’s going to be sometimes the course of a trial, the course of an investigation. But your employers, the government can’t retaliate against you  for being a whistle blower, that’s the difference.

                Listen to the full show below:

In today's 60-minutes of non-stop talk, Rich discussed, George Soros getting involved in the race for district attorney in Delaware County and Mayor Pete Buttigieg is trying convincing the left that it's okay to vote for him despite being gay. He also discussed a local Bensalem retailer getting his with a California tax bill of $1.6 million and President Trump ruled to turn over his tax returns in New York.

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