Zeoli: You Can't Set People Up Who Are Innocent Just To Investigate Them

The Rich Zeoli Show 10/26/19

The Rich Zeoli Show
October 25, 2019 - 10:27 am

Chip Somodevilla / Staff


Today on The Rich Zeoli Show, Rich discussed the breaking news of AG William Barr meeting with Italian officials to investigate the origins of the Russian investigation. That meeting helped lead to the decision of the DOJ to move the investigation from a review to a criminal inquiry of FBI misconduct.

“You cannot set people up who are innocent, just because you want to investigate them. So, that you can destroy their lives, or frame the wrong person or because you’re racist or because you hate conservatives or hate Donald Trump. Whatever the reason is you go outside the boundaries of justice, it destroys our country, it destroys morality, and it destroys everything.”

Listen to the full show below:

In today's 60-minutes of non-stop talk, Rich discussed a Detroit woman, Siwatu-Salama Ra, being retried by prosecutors over her previously thrown out charges, former VP Biden promises if we like are health plan, we can keep it and a proposal of a WWII level mobilization to fight climate change. 

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