Fox News Host Shannon Bream - "How my Faith Sustained Me"

The Rich Zeoli Show
May 21, 2019 - 11:58 am

Photo by Dave Kotinsky_Getty Images


In her new book Finding the Bright Side: The Art of Chasing What Matters, Fox News Host Shannon Bream talked to Rich Zeoli about her faith and how that guides her show on The Fox News Channel.

"I think sometimes when you see folks on TV, you are seeing the best part of their life, not the really tough part," Bream said, stating that in this book she wanted to be "honest and transparent, and to talk about how my faith has sustained me in finding help and hope in the worst moments."

She also said that she is "not afraid to make fun of herself either, so hopefully people can laugh at me and with me in the book too."

Here the full interview below: