Gingrich: Trump's Kept Promises Are Impressive

Next Speaker Must Meet the Challenge to Manage the House

The Dom Giordano Program
June 04, 2018 - 12:44 pm

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Former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, joined Talk Radio 1210 WPHT on the Dom Giordano Program discussing his new book “Trump’s America” and the potential next Speaker of the House.

“I think the purpose of ‘Trump’s America’ is to make the case that it is about a lot more than President Trump. That there are things going in the Country, there are breakthroughs in health care, breakthroughs in space, breakthroughs in manufacturing.  A lot of exciting things going on and the President is part of that movement but it’s also a lot bigger than him. I think we’re seeing an America reorganize itself into a more creative, more productive, more entrepreneurial Country and I think that’s frankly very healthy. “

After a slew of promises made by President Trump during his campaign, Gingrich told Giordano that he gives Trump a lot of credit for upholding many of those promises.

“When somebody gives you his word, this is where I do give Trump a lot credit. On little things he is occasionally infuriating but on big things he’s kept his word. He campaigned and said he would appoint conservative judges, absolutely has done a great job. He said that they would deregulate and cut red tape, absolutely has done a great job. He said he was for a huge tax cut, absolutely correct. He gave his word that he thought the Iran deal was really stupid and destructive, said that for a year and a half. Yet, the Europeans were shocked when he canceled the deal that he had campaigned against for a year and a half. I kept telling my friends in Europe ‘you have to understand he actually believes this, he said it because he believes it and he’s going to do it.’”

With Speaker Paul Ryan announcing that he will not seek re-election, Gingrich weighed in on what the GOP should look for the next Speaker. 

“I think the question becomes can you find somebody who can balance an ability to balance internally because in the end the Speaker has got to be able to manage the house and that’s a big, big organizational challenge. Can you find somebody also who can articulate the values and the issues and the ideas and who can also go out frankly and raise a lot of money? It’s a big demanding job, I think it’s the second biggest job after the President.”