Giordano: ‘Progressives Don’t Want The Best Or Brightest, They Want The Most Diverse’

Dom Giordano Program Recap | August 12, 2019

The Dom Giordano Program
August 12, 2019 - 2:19 pm

Photo by William Thomas Cain/Getty Images

Progressives seemingly want gender to play a larger role in the hiring practices of a new occupation, policing. The Asbury Park Press and the USA Today Network, in a recent expose, exposed a growing gap between men and women working for the country’s police. Back in 2014, the Department of Justice sued the state of Pennsylvania, alleging discrimination against women created by physical fitness tests. It was argued that because of Pennsylvania’s lofty expectations for police fitness, more men were passing the physical fitness test than women. Some have pushed for a ‘more fair’ test, or what Dom refers to as a dumbing down of the test, just so there’s more equality on state police forces and in police departments around the country. Dom argues against this, just another example in a war against merit-based hiring, and explains why he’s against making tests easier based on sex.

Over the weekend, news channels everywhere were buzzing about the latest developments in the long-going Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking scandal. Epstein, even though he was supposedly on suicide watch, was found dead in his cell. Dom posed the question to listeners and people on Twitter: What do you think happened to Epstein? Surprisingly, there’s a good chuck of people out there that believe Epstein is still alive, and his death was staged. Dom doesn’t believe this at all, but would be open to the idea that Epstein was murdered.

And Dom talked about an article in the Inquirer about a potential future in which the Eagles sign Colin Kaepernick. The oft-controversial Marcus Hayes writes that the Eagles should sign Kaepernick if something were to happen to Carson Wentz, and brushes off the fact that such a move could divide the Eagles fan base. “Do Kaepernick’s righteous principles and clunky protests wound your little sensitivities? Toughen up, snowflake. This ain’t pickle ball. It’s business,” writes Hayes. Dom argues why the move would definitely be bad for business, explaining that the public relations push-back is not worth it at all.