Giordano: 'Suffering From TDS? Take Some Impeachmo-Bismol'

Dom Giordano Program Recap | July 18, 2019

The Dom Giordano Program
July 18, 2019 - 2:58 pm

Photo by Zach Gibson/Getty Images

On Thursday’s Dom Giordano Program, Dom started off by discussing last night’s Trump rally where the crowd chanted “send her back.” Then, Dom talked about the first congressional impeachment vote yesterday, which only had 95 total members vote in favor…but sadly included a couple local politicians that Dom freely and rightly called out, including ‘The Dean of Decency.’ Also, CNN’s Jake Tapper posted a lengthy tweet thread on Twitter stating that Trump has won his battle against ‘The Squad’, MSNBC’s Mika got emotional while talking about Trump’s ‘promulgating of racism and violence,’ and Dom asks listeners what they think, excluding the moon landing, is the greatest accomplishment in the history of the United States.

Then, Dom is joined by Dr. Todd Jaeger to discuss the anniversary of the Apollo 11 launch. Dr. Jaeger is the Global Director of Commercial Optics for Heraeus, but prior to that, he was a Research Scientist for NASA at their Goddard Flight Center.

Finally, Dom takes issue with a Facebook post by Johnny Dock’s council puppet, Bobby ‘The Brain’ Henon. Henon wrote on Facebook over the weekend a reminder for residents about the laws regarding pools in Philadelphia. The law states that any pool deeper than 24 inches must have a permit, even inflatable pools from Walmart and Target, and pools deeper than 48 inches must have a fence around it. Henon encouraged citizens to report neighbors for violating this rule, also writing that a neighbor should report excessive pool scum.