Malkin: I Question the Oversight on Meek Mill Case

Giordano Disagrees with Malkin's Assessment on Meek Mill

The Dom Giordano Program
May 08, 2018 - 2:17 pm

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Conservative commentator and host of Michelle Malkin Investigates, Michelle Malkin, joined the Dom Giordano Show on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT to discuss her humanitarian award from the Manhattan Film Festival for her episode “Railroaded” about wrongful convictions.

“I have said this is the most satisfying work that I’ve done in 25 years. Revealing the injustice that is done systematically across the country to innocent people who are behind bars as a result of prosecutorial misconduct, forensic failures, and shotty police investigations that are driven by confirmation bias. Of course, a lot of this has been in the news lately. We’ve talked about the witch-hunts going on in Washington. People’s eyes are really being opened to the fact that this happens every single day in America, people getting railroaded. In your neck of the woods in Philadelphia there are corrupt cops, there are corrupt [District Attorneys], who put power ahead of the truth and seeking real justice. Obviously what happened with Meek Mill has been in the news and I think that’s a good thing. “

Malkin told Giordano that the pattern seen in the Meek Mill case was something she has seen time and time again.

“I think that he committed crimes that he should’ve paid time for but the more I look into it, especially given that there is one detective there that has been implicated in a number of cases, who had been put on a ‘do not call list.’ It’s a pattern that I’ve seen over and over again, especially with so-called rogue cops or rogue forensic chemists, who have very limited, if any, accountability for their actions. So, it’s opened my eyes and I’m much more willing to take a look at these cases then I would have been even two years ago.”

However, Malkin doesn’t believe that Mill was targeted for his race but instead for his celebrity status.

“I certainty don’t agree with the interpretation that he was targeted because of his race. I think it had way more to do with his celebrity and it’s an inconvenience fact for the [social justice warriors] that the Judge is female and black. So right there is a disagreement [that I have] with how some of the people on the left are framing it. I will say though that I do have questions about the oversight and the grip that they had over him and weather the probation restrictions and probation so called violations that were involved there, were results of an overzealous police state.”