Curt Schilling to Dom: 'I'm interested in interviewing' for Phillies manager position

Dom Giordano Program Recap | October 14, 2019

The Dom Giordano Program
October 14, 2019 - 2:43 pm

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Curt Schilling on Phillies’ Managerial Opening and Politics

Today, MLB Hall of Fame hopeful and former pitcher for the Phillies, Curt Schilling, joined Dom Giordano to discuss an upcoming event on the campus of UPenn held by Young America’s Foundation. Schilling addresses the rumors about him being interested in the Phillies vacant managerial position, saying that if anything he’d like to interview for either that position or a pitching coach position to get a feel for the hiring process. 

“I’m very interested in interviewing,” Schilling said. “I just want to go through the process, to understand what it entails, what it means, just what it means.”

“I have interest, but it’s an enormous commitment. It’s so much different than playing, so much harder from a family perspective. When you’re managing, you’re managing for 25. When you’re playing, you’re preparing for one.”

He explained that after playing for Frank Robinson, who managed the Baltimore Orioles, he noticed that it’s hard for a manager who was also a great player to have players live up to high expectations.

“I always felt that that was one of the handicaps for some of the Hall of Fame managers,” Schilling said. “Frank couldn’t understand why you couldn’t just hit a single to right with a runner on first and the hole open. It’s kinda hard.” 

“You don’t go into a coaching position with expectations based on your career. You go into a coaching position recognizing that there’s not one way to do it, you need 12-13 different approaches and you need to be flexible.”

Also, Dom asked Schilling about his thoughts on not being in the Hall of Fame, and whether or not it has to do with his conservative-leaning politics.

“I’ve never gotten my hopes up because I understand that it’s a process that involves flawed human beings. We all fall short to the grace of God, and writers are no different,” Schilling told D

om. “I think it’s been easier than it was in the past, because they’ve openly admitted why they haven’t cast a vote for me. The reason I’ve never had a sleepless night over it is because it’s completely out of my control.” 

Giordano also asked Schilling whether or not he’s still interested in running for congress in Arizona.

“It’s ultimately a family decision. I’ve always felt that public service, serving in the government, is 24/7 365,” Schilling explained. “There are no off days. When you’re representing 700,000 or 300 million, every day there’s work to be done. So you’re asking for a significant commitment from your family.”

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