Giordano: Get It Right! Trump DID Condemn White Supremacists After Charlottesville

The Dom Giordano Program | January 20, 2020

The Dom Giordano Program
January 20, 2020 - 1:21 pm
RICHMOND, VIRGINIA - JANUARY 20: Gun rights advocates attend a rally organized by The Virginia Citizens Defense League on Capitol Square near the state capitol building January 20, 2020 in Richmond, Virginia. During elections last year, Virginia Governor

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What's Going On In Richmond, VA?

Today, Dom led off the show with the big story of the day, a planned pro-2nd Amendment protest in Richmond, VA that has made national news, with comparisons being drawn to the Charlottesville tragedy. Then, Dom gets into a discussion about next Tuesday’s Trump rally in Wildwood, NJ, and talks about Jeff Van Drew’s revelation that over 100,000 tickets have been requested for the event, with still a week and a half to go until the rally. Also, Joe Biden trashes ‘racist’ Trump during a sermon at a black church, Trump will be rolling back Michelle Obama’s school lunch policy, and the Left continues to defend Anti-fa.  

PA Congressional Candidate Dasha Pruett Escaped Socialist Russia

Dom Giordano talks with PA Congressional Candidate Dasha Pruett about her campaign. Pruett calls out Delaware County D.A. Jack Stollsteimer for his behavior in his interview with Dom Giordano. Pruett talks about her background as an immigrant from Moscow and offers her views on the shift to socialism in the United States. Pruett explains the ideology in Russia follows the "guilty until proven innocent" dictum and comments on the issue with taking care of illegal immigrants in the United States. Pruett also talks about how freedom of speech is becoming stifled in the United States, saying "the inmates are running the asylum."

Radio Host Harry Hurley Predicting 'Bridgegate II'

Dom Giordano talks with radio host Harry Hurley about the upcoming Donald Trump rally in Wildwood and questions Hurley why it is such a hot ticket. Hurley explains the gravitas of President Trump and also comments on Jeff Van Drew's party switch. Hurley talks about a sinkhole that needs to be repaired on a major road in Cape May County and provides his take on why this could become "Bridgegate II." Plus, Hurley comments on Former Wildwood Mayor Ernie Troiano and the town's current mayor, and also points out how much money Trump's visit will bring into Wildwood. And Hurley talks about the problems with the venue Trump will be appearing at in Wildwood, providing one solution to the overflow of people who are sure to show up to the rally.