Giordano: How Long Until More Democrats Flip?

Dom Giordano Program | November 26, 2019

The Dom Giordano Program
November 26, 2019 - 2:57 pm
Capitol Hill

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Dem Congresswoman Flips On Impeachment

Today, Dom started off the show by talking about a new revision to Title IX set forth by Secretary of Education Betsy Devos that will stir up conversation from the left. Devos is poised to issue sweeping federal rules that will re-evaluate how college campuses will handle sexual assault cases. This comes in response to multiple stories of false sexual assault allegations ruining the lives of college students. Then, Dom discusses a statement by Michigan democratic representative Brenda Lawrence, who said that she is reconsidering her stance on the impeachment inquiry of President Trump. Also, Robert De Niro thinks Michael Bloomberg is “the one,” women at Temple University have halted shaving their armpits and legs to support the body positivity movement, and a new progressive group is intentionally producing ‘fake news’ in swing states in hopes to grab some independent support.

Steven Hassan | Author of ‘The Cult of Trump’

Yesterday, Dom spoke of a CNN guest who drew comparisons between Trump supporters and cult members. Today, Dom welcomed this guest, Steven Hassan, on his own show to discuss the reasons that Hassan, a cult survivor himself, feels this way. Hassan, who offers a disagreeable take for many fans of President Trump, joins Dom for an incredibly respectful interview as Dom tries to dig in to find out how Hassan truly feels, something that CNN failed to do.


Jessica Ditto | Deputy Assistant to Donald Trump

Jessica Ditto, Deputy Assistant to the President and the Deputy Director of White House Communications, joins Dom to lay out the holiday festivities and tell Dom about the White House’s new Christmas tree and annual turkey pardon. Also, Ditto gives an update as to where Nancy Pelosi and the rest of Congress stand on Trump’s USMCA.