Giordano on Warren’s Plan: ‘Criticism Should Focus On Private Insurance Rather Than Taxation’

Dom Giordano Program Recap | November 1, 2019

The Dom Giordano Program
November 01, 2019 - 1:35 pm

Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

Warren Releases Medicare-For-All Plan

Today during the Dom Giordano Program, Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren revealed an outline as to how she’d accomplish Medicare-for-all, and how it differs from Bernie Sanders’ plan. Over the past few weeks, many on both the left and the right have been questioning whether or not we’d see a rise in middle class taxes if Warren were to take the country in the direction of Medicare-for-all. Warren answers this criticism in her plan, laying out how middle class taxes won’t rise one cent. Dom explains throughout the discussion relating to her new plan that the critical focus should be on the future of private insurance rather than the taxation of such a plan. Warren has never addressed the issue head on of whether or not people in unions or who are privately employed will get to keep their private insurance plans. In her new proposal, she writes that instead of paying for employee insurance to a private company, employers will still pay for their employees but to a federal program. Dom takes umbrage with this suggestion, and explains why.

State Senator Anthony Williams Proposes Bill To Address Safe Injection Sites

Pennsylvania State Senator Anthony Williams joins the Dom Giordano Program to explain a new bill he’s proposed that would address the new legality of safe injection sites. In the new bill, Williams proposes that the local community of a proposed safe injection site have a voice in the decision of whether or not the injection site should be allowed in said community. Williams explains that the proposed safe injection site in Kensington doesn’t take into account the negative thoughts held by the Kensington community, which happens to be a largely diverse community.

Rep. Joe Hohenstein on "Victims of Communism Memorial Day"

Dom Giordano talks with Rep. Joe Hohenstein about his vote against "Victims of Communism Memorial Day" in Pennsylvania. Hohenstein explains why he voted against the bill when he comes from a very patriotic section of Philadelphia and attributes his nay vote to the way it was presented. Hohenstein argues with Dom on whether communism is a form of totalitarianism and agrees with Dom that communism must be stopped. Plus, Hohenstein weighs in on the voting process.