Giordano: "Philadelphia is now America's #1 liberal bastion'

Dom Giordano Program Recap | October 3, 2019

The Dom Giordano Program
October 03, 2019 - 2:16 pm

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Judge Rules Safe Injection Sites Do Not Violate Federal Laws

Uhh, what?! Dom started off today’s show by talking about the push by Philadelphia to further its status as one of the great bastions of liberalism run amok. Yesterday, a federal judge ruled that supervised injection sites designed to prevent overdoses do not violate federal drug laws, which greenlights Safehouse’s efforts to open an equivalent to the Wire’s ‘Hamsterdam’ in Kensington. Dom discussed the effect that this will have on an area like Kensington, which is neighbored by multiple neighborhoods undergoing a surge in housing prices and drop in crime rate due to gentrification. Going further, Dom agreed with Philadelphia Councilman Mark Squilla, who according to the Philadelphia Tribune, said that local authorities should place supervised drug-use sites in every neighborhood across Philadelphia to see how the city would then react. Listeners call in to weigh in on the topic. Also, Dom introduces his side topic for the day, which asks, ‘who is it that Philadelphians hate the most?’

Stephen Moore | Economic Advisor for Trump 2020 Campaign

Stephen Moore joins Dom for the first of his now regular weekly segment discussing the economy and other political issues. Moore addresses the impeachment inquiry, theorizing that the entire inquiry is a ruse by the Democrats to try and muddy the economic success that the country has seen under Trump’s rule. Moore also discusses his role as economic advisor to President Trump.

Rick Loughery | Chairman of the Republican Committee of Chester County

What’s become a common thread recently on the Dom Show is how Republicans in suburban Philadelphia counties plan to address the sudden emergence of Democratic lawmakers who won over seats in their counties. The most prevalent example is Chrissy Houlahan serving Chester County, who the Democrats have shoved to the front of the pack when addressing the impeachment inquiry, to condemn Trump’s actions as a former officer in the United States Air Force. Chairman of the Republican Committee of Chester County calls in to discuss with Dom how the Republicans in Houlahan’s district are preparing to counter Houlahan in next year’s congressional election.