Giordano: Safe Injection Site Now Forced On South Philly. Who's Next?

Dom Giordano Program | February 26, 2020

The Dom Giordano Program
February 26, 2020 - 12:28 pm
A heroin addict prepares to shoot up outside

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The Clown Show in South Carolina

Today, Dom led off the show with a bit of commentary on last night's Democratic debate, mentioning the war of words between Senator Elizabeth Warren and former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg over whether or not the former Mayor told a pregnant employee to "kill" her baby. Also, Dom delves into Bernie Sanders' refusal to denounce Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, after the Senator again doubled down on the dictators' successes. Also, Dom worries a new safe injection site proposed for South Philadelphia are his fears coming to realization, a slow creep of the idea that this is a moral decision. Also, Tom Crone, head of the the Camden County Republicans, joins the show to preview an upcoming protest of an appearance by Nancy Pelosi and Cory Booker. 

Rand Paul on Socialism, Impeachment, and the Coronavirus

Senator Rand Paul joins the Dom Giordano Program to recap the impeachment process and discuss what needs to be done moving forward. Paul delves into the FISA investigation and lays out the true result of foreign election meddling. Then, the conversation turns towards socialism when Dom asks about Senator Paul about his newest book, The Case Against Socialism, to which Paul lays out the negative impacts of socialism on the working class. Finally, Rand Paul ensures listeners that the wheels are turning in the fight against Coronavirus. 

Heroin! Coming To A Neighborhood Near You.

In the 11 o'clock hour, Dom hones in on the news of a safe injection site coming to South Philadelphia. First, Jody Della Barba, a long-time Republican heavy-hitter in the Philadelphia region, came on to air her grievances against not only the site itself, but the shady process that led to the site. News started rolling out of a press conference held by Safehouse, the company bringing the sites to Philadelphia, and Ed Rendell, which was interrupted fantastically by a South Philadelphian protestor. And Philadelphia Councilman Mark Squilla comes on to try and explain the backwards process that led to approval of the new site.