Giordano: The June Jobs Report Is Here... And It's Incredible!

Dom Giordano Program | July 2, 2020

The Dom Giordano Program
July 02, 2020 - 12:36 pm

(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Today's A Great Economic Day! Why Is Nobody Talking About It?

Today, Dom led off the Dom Giordano Program by discussing the media coverage of the June jobs report, which have smashed expectations with a record jobs gain of 4.8 million and 11.1% unemployment rate. Dom takes umbrage with Matt Drudge of the Drudge Report, who’s seemingly become more and more liberal, now not even featuring the positive jobs report front and center as he’d usually do with other economic reports. Also, Dom hits upon a report of Black Lives Matter protestors chanting anti-Israel messages, and asks listeners who they think is a great ‘power couple.’

Doug Mastriano On PA Supreme Court Reversal

Pennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano rejoins the Dom Giordano Program to discuss Governor Wolf’s overreach of power through the Coronavirus pandemic. Dom and the Senator discuss a move made by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court in which they reversed an opinion made in an April case (Devito, et al v. Wolf) that stated that, although the governor has the authority to issue emergency disaster declarations in times of crisis, his powers are limited by the constitution and checks and balances by the General Assembly. Essentially, the court found a loophole through which it could negate their previous order.

Alex Berenson on COVID Misreporting

Alex Berenson, author and former New York Times reporter, joins the Dom Giordano to give some unreported figures about Coronavirus. These numbers, which Dom suspects are being left unreported because they don’t further the narrative being promoted, tell a very different story than what we have heard to this point. Also, Berenson and Giordano delve into the idea that masks are absolutely mandatory in curbing the spread of Covid-19.