Giordano to Trump Jr.: Why 'Lochness Monster' For Biden?

Dom Giordano Program | August 27, 2020

The Dom Giordano Program
August 27, 2020 - 12:51 pm
(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Donald Trump Jr. On 'Lochness' Biden

Donald Trump Jr. rejoins the Dom Giordano Program to discuss the past three nights of the Republican National Convention. First, Trump Jr. discusses his line in his speech where he called Joe Biden the ‘Lochness Monster of the swamp,’ and explains his reasoning for comparing the former Vice President to the mythical creature. Then, Donald Trump Jr. takes us inside the White House as he explains the mindset behind Trump’s persistent fighting back against the media and the radical policies of the Left. Also, Trump Jr. previews his upcoming book, Liberal Privilege, available on

Lou Dobbs Recaps The RNC

Lou Dobbs, famed commentator and host of Lou Dobbs Tonight on Fox Business Network, joins the Dom Giordano Program to recap the third night of the Republican National Convention. Dobbs, who has been one of the strongest voices in the media prodding the Trump administration but in the right way, takes us through last night’s convention, explaining that he thought it was an absolutely fantastic showing from the Trump administration. Dobbs also speaks about Nick Sandmann, who he says exudes Americanism, and notes that it’s wonderful to see his courage and poise after all he’s been through. Also Dobbs previews his upcoming book, The Trump Century, which explains how the Trump administration has made positive changes that’ll stick with our country forever.

Former Eagle Jack Brewer On Support For Trump

Former NFL and Philadelphia Eagles player Jack Brewer joins the Dom Giordano Program after speaking last night at the Republican National Convention. Brewer discusses why he’s gotten so fed up with the media and liberal narrative that Trump is a racist, explaining that it hurts him to think his child will grow up in such an environment. Also, Brewer reflects on his career as an Eagle, and tells whether or not he believes Dom can live up to his promise of throwing a football 40 yards.