Giordano: 'Trump Needs To Take Warren Seriously'

Dom Giordano Program Recap | September 23, 2019

The Dom Giordano Program
September 23, 2019 - 3:03 pm

Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

Did ‘The 1%’ Earn Their Fortunes Alone?

Today, Dom talked about Elizabeth Warren’s potential for a Democratic primary win. Over the weekend, Elizabeth Warren focused again on the top 1% with her proposal of a ‘wealth tax’. Warren said, “If you build a great fortune in America, I guarantee, you built at least in part using workers that all of us paid to educate. You built it…getting your goods to market on roads and bridges that all of us paid to build. And you built it…protected by police and firefighters all of us helped pay their salaries.” Dom argues that President Trump should recognize Warren as a potential threat now that she’s polling well, and focus in on her proposal of said ‘wealth tax.’ Also, listeners called in to pile on why this way of thinking is a threat to the American Dream.

Ray Didinger on the Eagles | Week 3

Then, Dom was joined by Ray Didinger for his regular post-Eagles game wrap up. This week, Dom asked Ray what the underlying reasons are for the Eagles slow start and looked forward to the upcoming game against the Green Bay Packers on Thursday.

Broad+Liberty | A Conservative Angle On Philadelphia News

Finally, Dom spoke with Linda Kerns and Albert Eisenberg, co-founders of a new local conservative news source called Broad+Liberty. In a Philadelphia media environment which is saturated heavily with liberal propaganda, Eisenberg and Kerns, along with other partners, hope to counter the leftist ideology perpetuated by the Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Magazine with conservative ideas in their new online magazine.