Giordano on social media addiction and vaping: 'We don't need more governmental intervention'

Dom Giordano Program | September 13, 2019

The Dom Giordano Program
September 13, 2019 - 1:04 pm

Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

Michelle Malkin | Author of 'Open Borders, Inc.'

Today, political commentator Michelle Malkin joined the Dom Giordano Program to discuss her new book, Open Borders, Inc. Malkin discusses the word police when discussing issues of the border, in which she describes how she is advised by television producers that certain words are off-limits, such as 'invasion'. Malkin also discussed George Soros' involvement in the crisis at the border, Trump's impact on the immigration debate, and the continued narrative from the left surrounding the crisis. To purchase the book, click HERE

Nir Eyal | Author of 'Indistractable'

Silicon Valley and behavior design expert Nir Eyal joins Dom Giordano to discuss a problem that many parents are facing with their children: social media addiction. Often, parents have trouble getting and keeping the attention of their child, because the child incessantly scroll through social media feeds, such as Facebook’s Newsfeed. Adults suffer from this addiction as well, and due to the rise in this habit-forming behavior. Now, the government is looking to pass the SMART act, which would ban addictive social media features – such as infinite scrolling and autoplay. While the problem should be addressed, is government intervention necessary? To purchase Eyal's book, click HERE

Gregory Conley | President of the American Vaping Association

Yesterday, Dom discussed Trump’s acceptance of the possibility of an all-out ban on vaping and e-cigarette products. Gregory Conley, who appeared on CNN yesterday and tore apart myths presented by Sanjay Gupta, joins Dom to further clear up some misnomers around vaping and discusses why he doesn’t believe the government should ban the smoking cessation aid.