Giordano: 'We need to investigate the whistleblower'

Dom Giordano Program Recap | September 25, 2019

The Dom Giordano Program
September 25, 2019 - 2:58 pm

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Andy McCarthy Talks Impeachment

Today, Dom started off the show hot, joined by Fox News correspondent Andrew C. McCarthy. McCarthy was able to provide an in-depth breakdown of what’s to come, after Nancy Pelosi announced yesterday that she will be making official an impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump after a whistleblower alleged that Trump sought quid pro quo for an investigation into Joe Biden.  

Is There A Real Possibility Trump Gets Impeached?

At 10:00AM, the transcript of the now infamous July call between Trump and Ukrainian President Zelensky was released by the White House. Dom takes his time to break down the most meaningful passages in the 5-page transcript, and wonders how the Democrats will spin the seemingly innocuous call. Dom gets hinted towards the rhetoric from the Democrats, when a Twitter user asks him how ‘do me a favor’ doesn’t outright implicate the President in a quid pro quo scheme. Also, Lindsay Graham said that the document more or less exonerates the President, and set his sights on the whistleblower's alleged bias and potential corruption. Donald Trump also says the call put ‘no pressure’ on Zelensky, but the star of the day was Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz who, in an impassioned speech on the House floor, called the newest stage of impeachment a ‘catfishing’ of Nancy Pelosi.

Kayleigh McEnany | National Press Secretary for the Trump 2020 Campaign

Finally, long-time friend of the Dom Giordano Program and National Press Secretary for the Trump 2020 Campaign, Kayleigh McEnany calls in to give the official position of the Trump campaign on the newest attempt to impeach Trump.