Giordano: 'Why Do We Tiptoe Around The Saudis?'

Dom Giordano Program | December 9, 2019

The Dom Giordano Program
December 09, 2019 - 2:56 pm
Naval Air Station - Pensacola

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F.O.P.'s John McNesby Tells Trump About D.A. Larry Krasner

Dom Giordano talks with John McNesby of the F.O.P. about his visit to the Oval Office and his conversation with President Donald Trump about Philadelphia D.A. Larry Krasner. McNesby also talks about Krasner's issues with laws and his desire to change them. Plus, McNesby talks about the strategy to return to normalcy in Philadelphia.

Dealing With The Saudi’s After The Pensacola Attack

Today, Dom spoke at length about an incident over the weekend in which an officer for the Saudi Air Force, who was also a student at Naval Air Station Pensacola, killed three officers on the base. Dom discusses with listeners whether or not Trump was right in offering a Saudi apology. Also, Dom pontificates whether or not more lax gun laws on military bases would’ve lessened the impact and death toll of the event. Also, a bill set forth by Democrats regarding voter’s rights has one Republican vote, that being of Brian Fitzpatrick. Is this another example of Fitzpatrick breaking with the party?

Rush Limbaugh’s Bo Snerdley

James Golden, also known as Bo Snerdley on the Rush Limbaugh program, joins the Dom Giordano Program to tell about a new initiative he is working on called MAGA.BLACK. The new web destination, MAGA.BLACK, promotes conservative values and specifically focuses on the African-American community. Golden argues that the Republican Party’s historical ties with black Americans is inarguable; but for the last fifty years has been purposefully ignored by academia, and the main-stream media. The result is that entire generations of Americans have been subjected to a false narrative about who Republicans are, their role in the civil rights movement, and their interest in seeing all Americans, including blacks, achieving the American Dream.