Philly Councilman David Oh Defends Now Infamous Facebook Post

Oh Joins The Dom Giordano Program To Discuss The Controversy

The Dom Giordano Program
October 02, 2019 - 4:18 pm

Philadelphia Councilman David Oh, a regular guest on the Dom Giordano Program, joined the show today after causing a stir for a mere Facebook post in which he attempted to spur discussion over healthcare coverage of gender reassignment surgery.

Last week, along with an article discussing Warren’s healthcare plans, Oh posted on Facebook, “Sen. Warren wants taxpayers to fund gender changBere surgery. Did you know Philadelphia taxpayers already fund this for city workers? I didn’t believe the taxpayers should pay for sex change surgery and continued medical care when the city says it doesn’t have enough money to fund it’s most basic responsibilities.”

Following a week in which the Philadelphia Daily News featured him on their front page, and the Inquirer called his post “clumsy”, Oh was happy to come on with Dom Giordano to tell his side of the story.

“The issue for me as to why I posted it, there was no advocacy around it. I just thought it was an interesting thing. I wasn’t making a judgement about her healthcare plan. I said I didn’t read it. All I know is, fundamentally, she wanted to do tax payer-funded gender confirmation surgery which we, interestingly enough, did in Philadelphia. Although people don’t know that. And then I said that I voted against it and I gave the reason. So it wasn’t a value issue. It’s not like I said, ‘Well, that’s not important,” Oh said.

He continued, “why do we fund this when we don’t fund a whole myriad of things people would think we would fund, including stroke and loss of sight and vision. People may not understand that the healthcare plan does not include things like benign brain tumor, bone marrow transplant, cancer, coma, heart attack, loss of sight, speech, or hearing, major organ failure, paralysis, skin cancer, and I could go on.”

Oh went on to explain that he’s approaching the issue of healthcare through the lens of limited resources, making it clear that he thinks the council should first determine how to pay for other issues, such as autism, prior to gender reassignment surgery.

“Politics will always be a part of healthcare. Some of it very legitimate- advocacy, education and all of that,” Oh said, “but it just appears to me right now politics is a huge thrust in why we have healthcare coverage and not, and it’s really pitting people against each other.”

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