Sid Mark Reflects on His Radio Hall of Fame Nomination

The Dom Giordano Program
June 11, 2019 - 5:10 pm

Photo by Keystone Features / Getty Images


PHILADELPHIA (1210 WPHT) - After a career spanning 6 decades, broadcasting legend Sid Mark was honored this week with a nomination for a spot in the Radio Hall of Fame. Mark, who hosts the Sounds of Sinatra radio program weekends on 1210WPHT and plays nothing but Frank Sinatra records, started his career for WHAT in the the late 60s. While Sid Mark has had success nationwide through a syndicated program, he has been a staple of the Philadelphia market for generations.

Sid Mark joined the Dom Giordano Program Tuesday, and when asked why he’s found so much success here in Philadelphia, he replied that, “the reason we’re so successful here is, by the words of Frankie, ‘Philadelphia and the show have oregano.”  

Mark told Giordano how he was first discovered by Sinatra.

“When I was on HAT overnight , that’s the original WWDB, an album came out in 1966 called ‘Sinatra at the Sands’, a double jacket LP,” Mark said, “I played it every night, all the way through, and the albums started selling like crazy in Philadelphia.”

Sinatra got word of the sales spike and wondered why it was happening, to which he was told, “this crazy kid plays nothing but your records.” Because of this, Frank called Sid and asked him to come out to Las Vegas as his guest. “One evening we had dinner together and that was the beginning of it, we hit it off.”

Over the years, Sid Mark and Frank Sinatra grew closer and closer as friends, and Sid never faltered from his all-Sinatra, all-the-time style of broadcasting. Now, 62 years later, in part due to his attachment to Frank Sinatra, Mark is known both locally and nationally as a broadcasting legend, who now gets his shot at the Radio Hall of Fame. Listen to Dom Giordano’s full interview with Sid Mark below.