WH Dep. Press Secretary Gidley: Dems Are Taking These Border Trips To 'Garner Sympathy' For Open Borders

Dom Giordano

Dom Giordano
August 01, 2019 - 9:49 pm

Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

On Thursday, the White House offered me Hogan Gidley, their rising communications representative and Deputy Press Secretary, to preview this weekend’s parade of Democrats headed to the border to lecture again about the mistreatment of people trying to enter the country illegally. 
"We're confused as to why they're going, considering that they've voted repeatedly not to give the funding needed to make the situation better down there," Gidley said. "They're on vacation for the next six weeks, so they've done nothing to actually fix the problem."
"The fact that this president has moved to correct a decades old issue, and now Mexico and Guatemala are doing more to help the American people than the Democrats," he continued. "It just seems they keep making these trips to garner sympathy and support for their open border policy, while not offering any single solution except to make the illegal legal."
I also wanted to pivot to the Trump Administration this week moving to lower prescription drug prices.
Gidley was happy to oblige by taking us inside the White House and his discussions right before he got the air with me with Larry Kudlow, the President’s chief economic officer, on drug prices.  Gidley told us that the Administration is using all their leverage to get drug companies to import drugs at the rate Canada imports drugs. He also said that the President is pushing the FDA to change unnecessary regulations that will free up our ability to get better drug prices.
This issue illustrates the fact that Trump is a different type of Republican who will not in a knee jerk manner defend drug companies, but will push every instrument at his disposal to change the system that props up these drug prices. Politically, this plan will push back against people like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.
"It's problematic when we do all these wonderful things like lower drug prices, the press would rather cover palace intrigue over policy nine times out of ten," Gidley said.

Thanks to your listening and support, the White House and others recognize the show and will continue to take us inside the big issues.

To listen to the full interview with White House Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley, click below: