Schumer Obsesses Over Closed Curtains, and how Winning Blue Collar Voters is a Necessity in 2020

Rich Zeoli Show Recap 5-23-19

The Rich Zeoli Show
May 23, 2019 - 11:16 am

Schumer Obsesses Over Closed Curtain

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer reads too far into Donald Trump’s decision to hold an infrastructure meeting in a room with closed curtains. Rich hilariously theorizes that the curtains needed to be closed in order to protect Speaker Pelosi from sunlight


Winning Blue Collar Voters, a Necessity in 2020

Daniel Turner, Executive Director of Power the Future, joins the show to discuss what Trump must do to assure he wins blue-collar voters in 2020. According to Turner, an estimated 83,000 coal jobs were lost during the Obama Administration’s eight-year-run—as a result, former Vice President Joe Biden may have trouble convincing coal miners he is willing to fight for them. 


Mika’s Shameless Book Plugs and Cuomo’s Math Struggles

MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski shamelessly plugs her book several times in a 30-second clip—Zeoli would never do that with his own book, The 7 Principles of Public Speaking. PLUS CNN’s Chris Cuomo struggles with basic-math while talking to himself during a particularly torturous segment on his program.