Sen Toomey: President Trump Should Be Allowed To Fire Mueller If He Wants

The Chris Stigall Show
April 12, 2018 - 10:45 am



Philadelphia (1210 WPHT) - Senator Pat Toomey from Pennsylvania does not support a few of his colleagues who are taking steps to protect Special Counsel Robert Mueller from being fired by President Trump. Toomey told The Chris Stigall Show on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT that he doesn’t believe that Trump should fire Mueller, but also doesn’t agree with proposed legislation from four Senators.

"I’m aware of this legislation. I have not actually seen it. My problem, it strikes me as problamatic because fundamently the President has to be able to hire and fire his subordinates. He has to be able to hold accountable the people through the Executive Branch and that has to include the Department of Justice.  Now, do I think it was a good idea to appoint Mueller to this role? No, I don't. But having done so, and since he's there,  I think it would be a terrible idea for the President to fire him. I don't want to pass legislation forbidding it. It would certainly put a congressional limitation on an authority that should remain with the President. It would be a very bad idea to fire Mueller. I've advised the President, 'don't do that'. Let him finish this, as painful and ugly as its gotten. At this point, I'm not a fan of the idea of legislation."

As far as the recent FBI raid on the office of Trump's personal lawyer, which was about an alleged payment made to a porn star actress, versus any Russian collusion, Toomey said that this is exactly what happens with these special prosectors.

"This is why I thought it was a bad idea in the first place. The Justice Department is capable of conducting an investigation, that's what should have happened, there should have been an investigation, but instead we appoint the man on a mission, and the mission is to get a conviction on something. And if you look at all the indictments that have occurred so far, there have been several, not a one of them have anything to do with any activity that occurred even during the campaign. It was all long before there was a Trump presidential campaign. Those are things that Manafort and others are being charged with and now we see something that is completely and utterly unrelated to what the central purpose here is."

Toomey complimented House Speaker Paul Ryan saying he's "done a great job" as Speaker. Ryan announced Wednesday he will be leaving Congress when his term is up. 

When it comes to the President's recent tweets on Syria, Toomey said he "doesn't think its a good idea to telegraph what you intend to do, then revise it the next day. That's not reassuring to Americans, not reassuring to our allies."