Sex Jokes Banned at a Texas Universities and Defining Election Interference

Rich Zeoli Show Recap 06-14-19

The Rich Zeoli Show
June 14, 2019 - 10:40 am

Texas lawmakers have put two bills on Governor Greg Abbotts desk on campus sexual harassment, the problem being that they set a definition of sexual harassment that incentivizes college employees to report anything that the person might consider sexual harassment, Judging the legality of speech ‘entirely on subjective listener reaction, Rich goes through these new laws being proposed and he urges the Republican Governor not to sign it


Rich discussed all the hysteria today surrounding President Trumps comments about foreign interfernence in campaigns and how even Republicans are trying to distance themselves from the comments



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5:30- Hysteria Over Trump Comments is Absolute Nonsense

5:50- Zeoli Podcast Goals

6:00- The Democratic Debate

6:20- Dealing with Iran

6:30- Banning Sex Jokes from College Campuses

6:50- Mystery Movie Clip

7:00- Defining Election Interference

7:20- Rich Sends His Kids to the Airport

7:30- Russian Troll Hysteria is a Slippery Slope


7:45- NBC News Big Idea: Mayor Pete


8:00- Brian Blase, White House Special Assistant to the President for Economic Policy

8:06- Headlines with Dawn

8:13- Atheists Lose Out on Removing "In God We Trust" From Currency



8:25- Liabetes