Toomey Doubts Denuclearizing Is Possible With North Korea, But Let It Play Out

The Chris Stigall Show
May 10, 2018 - 10:34 am

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Philadelphia (1210 WPHT) -  Three Americans that had been held captive in North Korea are now back in the United States. President Donald Trump welcomed the three overnight Thursday saying that their release is a sign of promise toward his goal of denuclearizing the Korean Penisula. Senator Pat Toomey from Pennsylvania, tells The Chris Stigall Show on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, that these developments with North Korea have to be played out with great skepticism.

"They (Trump administration) realize this move has run before, where the North Korean leadership makes gestures to suggest that they've suddenly decided they're going to become a normal member of the international community. In the past, it's resulted in them getting huge financial concessions and giving up nothing. And continuing to the point where today they actually have nuclear weapons. Maybe this time is different and that's why you have to play it out."
Toomey says that he believes that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is under no illusions about North Korea and will push for all the concessions he can get. 

"I think it's fantastic that we got three Americans out of North Korea. The early signs are all encouraging, so by all means, let's play this out. Let's in good faith see if we can get to the kind of agreement President Trump has called for, a denuclearization.  I very much doubt we get there, but that's not going to be President Trump's fault if we don't. And we certainly have every encouraging indication from North Korea and probably more cooperation from the Chinese, probably than we ever had. So that's all good and need to play it out."