Turzanski: 'Accumulation Of Debt Is Gravest National Security Threat'

The Chris Stigall Show
March 26, 2018 - 11:49 am

© Kareem Elgazzar


Philadelphia (1210 WPHT) –  Congress passed a $1.3 trillion bill early Friday morning that includes increases on military and domestic programs, as well as money for a border wall. A lot of Republicans say they support the omnibus spending bill due to the increase in military spending. However, on The Chris Stigall Show on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT,  Ed Turzanski, of the Foreign Policy Research Institute, views it another way.

“The sequester was horrible. It’s done horrible things to the military. And if you’re telling me that you had a hostage, and to protect the hostage you had to give into the hostage takers on all of their other spending priorities, I’d say, ‘OK, that will work in the short-run.’ But the accumulation of debt is one of the gravest national security threats we have.”

In a tweet Friday morning, President Donald Trump said he’s considering a veto of the plan, based on “800,000 plus DACA recipients that have been totally abandoned by the Democrats” and the lack of a fully funded border wall.  Well, Trump did sign the bill “as a matter of national security”.

Turzanski also commented on the president’s pick of former United Nations Ambassador John Bolton as the new National Security Adviser.

“I think he has a clarity of thinking and a bluntness about his expression that is useful and in many ways refreshing. I hope the president knows what he’s going to get, because I don’t think Bolton’s going to be shy.”