Wagner: Gov Wolf shows no initiative to 'balance the state's checkbook'

The Chris Stigall Show
May 18, 2018 - 9:32 am

Photo by 1210 WPHT / Jared Hart

Philadelphia (1210 WPHT) -  Coming off Tuesday's primary win in Pennsylvania, State Senator Scott Wagner looks ahead as the republican nominee for Governor.  Wagner talks with The Chris Stigall Show on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT about 'balancing the state's checkbook'.

"We have not balanced our checkbook in 30 years and Governor Wolf is not showing any initiative to do that. We have regulatory agencies that are so wildly out of control its unbelievable, and their pounding mandates on municipalities all across the state. We need to balance our checkbook. If we stop choking businesses and we started helping those businesses grow, our economy in Pennsylvania would go off the charts.  I'm running because I want this job.  I want this job so bad, I can taste it, because I've been in the Senate for four years, I see the opportunities. I just want to get there and get to work."

Wagner says the so-called 'Trump effect' is hitting the Commonwealth.

"Over the last two months, Pennsylvanians are opening up their paychecks and when they open up their paychecks, they're seeing one and a-half to four percent more in their paychecks. That's significant. So the 'Trump effect' is hitting. Here's what's important, nobody, really if you go around and you talk to the people, in the coffee shops and truck stops....they're concerned about their jobs, their paycheck. They don't care about Russian interference and FBI memos and all that kind of stuff. They're more concerned about what's going on here in Pennsylvania."

The General Election takes place Tuesday, November 6.