White House Announces Finalized Healthcare Reimbursement Arrangement Rule

The Rich Zeoli Show
June 14, 2019 - 11:13 am

PHILADELPHIA (1210 WPHT)- Brian Blase, White House Special Assistant to the President for Economic Policy, shared some healthcare news with The Rich Zeoli Show.

"Yesterday, the administration finalized a rule expanding Health Reimbursement Arrangements," said Blase. "It was the final action taken in response to an executive order that the President signed on opening up affordable coverage options for Americans in late 2017."

Blase explained the purpose of the new rule.

"This is really about helping small businesses compete for talent," said Blase. "Of course, it's going to benefit larger employers as well. But in the near-term, this is about small businesses and their workers."

Blase went on to tell how the changes work.

"So if you work for an employer that offers this, what they would do is...apply an amount in your account. Say $500 a month. And then you would take that $500, and you would go to the individual market and select a plan. And then you could use that $500 towards the purchase of one of those plans."

Blase said that anything left over could be "used for deductibles or cost sharing."

Listen to the full interview below.