Why Retirees are Fleeing NJ and Alan Dershowitz

Rich Zeoli Show Recap 5-31-19

The Rich Zeoli Show
May 31, 2019 - 10:01 am

Rich shares some data that may shock you. Apparently, retirees are felling the Garden State for other states. Rich questions why anybody would want to leave his home state, and where the retirees will go if they do not want to stay in New Jersey


Rich holds Attorney Alan Dershowitz in high regard because Dershowitz upholds civil liberties, and will no longer defend Robert Mueller. Dershowitz does not support Mueller because he thinks Mueller had an agenda, and Rich gives his take on Dershowitz as a defender of liberties for individuals and explains the importance of the Bill of Rights


Former CIA Officer Dan Gabriel joins The Rich Zeoli Show to discuss his all-new movie, MOSUL. MOSUL is a film about the Middle Eastern conflicts, and Dan gives Rich the inside scoop on his debut film.


Rich talks with Josh Hertzberg, a former Border Patrol agent. They discuss New Jersey voters voicing their opinions on immigration, and whether or not the idea of New Jersey as a sanctuary state is nonsense.