Social Justice Warriors Take Aim at the Animal Kingdom

The Rich Zeoli Show 7-12-19

The Rich Zeoli Show
July 12, 2019 - 11:25 am

Ian Walton / Staff

On today's Rich Zeoli show, Rich discovered that the animal kingdom isn't even safe from Social Justice Warriors over "The Lion King." 


"The Lion King, which takes place in Africa with only animal characters, is now depticting a white suprmacist society, using predator-pray relationships.Can I ask an honest question, in the wild, hyenas,  are they not  some of the biggest pains in the asses? They're nasty and will eat you in a heartbeat. You cross a hyena in the wild and you are dead, dead! 100% of the time. So, isn't it possible that they are just actually talking about hyenas and it's not subtext for something else?" 

Hear the full segment below. 



Zeoli was also joined by Chickie's and Petes' own Pete Pete Ciarrocchi discussing tomorrow's national french fry day and $1 crab fries all day to raise money for the FOP Lodge 5's survivor's fund. 


How bad would an open-mic night be for Democrats? Bad, very bad