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If That Was A Blue Wave, Trump Had A Surfboard

Latest Column by Chris Stigall

The Chris Stigall Show
November 07, 2018 - 2:43 pm

Philadelphia (1210 WPHT) -  Excuse me, what in the hell was that?  I was waiting for the great national uprising to get here.  I was waiting for the night to arrive when the nation’s liberal Democrats and the rest of the pained, tortured American electorate who’d been pining away for the moment they could finally punish Donald Trump and the Republicans for daring to win in 2016.

Then the votes were counted and the Republicans won at least three (likely four) new Senate seats held by Democrat incumbents.  Republicans won governors races in the all-important swing states of Ohio and Florida, among others.

Huh?  How is that possible? How did Republicans win anything in any swing state, never mind defeat Democrat incumbents anywhere, in ANY race?  This was the week the big, bad orange monster and his party were going to pay for all the injustice, right?!

“But Democrats gained thirty-four House seats, Chris!  Nancy Pelosi will return as Speaker, Chris!”

I know.  And I’m yawning.  Chuckling, actually. 

Let’s start with the fact that seventeen of those thirty-four House seats were basically blank slates.  Meaning, the Republican incumbent just bailed on the seat.  Resigned, retired, quit, whatever.  Those are basically election jump balls in swing districts, especially in an off-year election after one party had been in control for the last two years.

As I see it, the remaining seventeen seats where incumbent Republicans met a Democrat challenger head-on and lost were the only meaningful Democrat victories.  Seventeen legitimate – head to head – Republican incumbent versus Democrat challenger wins.  Seventeen.  And of those seventeen Republican losses, how many of them ran from Trump rather than embrace him?  Quite a few.

How many head-to-head losses did Democrats sustain after two years of total Democrat control during President Obama’s first term? Sixty-three. 

“But Pennsylvania, Chris!”  I know.  What can you say? An activist state Supreme Court gerrymandered new district boundaries in an effort to combat gerrymandering. (Yes, you read that right.)  It was something the GOP-controlled Senate in Pennsylvania should have addressed through impeachment of the justices who violated the state’s constitution.  But they didn’t.

So, Pennsylvania was long gone well before Election Day got here.  As for Scott Wagner and Lou Barletta’s statewide campaigns – well, I’ll leave the armchair campaign criticism for my radio show.  Pennsylvania seems to love boring, middle-aged dudes and we’re hip-deep in ‘em on both sides of the political aisle.

But if you look where all things were equal.  Where there were head to head, contested races with viable candidates on both sides – incumbent versus challenger – the great liberal pushback to punish Trump and the Republicans just didn’t materialize.   Turnout didn’t materialize in most races.  The rage you and I have been fed by media, celebrities, and vagina hat marches had no real basis in broad, everyday American reality.

In fact, if you want a real lesson in honest reaction from voters to the politics of Washington D.C., look no further than the three to four Senate seats Republicans picked up.  Every one of them had something in common.  Each was in a Trump state and each voted against Justice Brett Kavanaugh while standing by as their party engaged in literal criminal character assassination, disgracing all involved.

“But Beto almost bested Cruz in Texas, Chris!  Stacy Abrams in Georgia is too close for comfort, Chris!”

Well, I should hope so! How could they not be competitive, for all that’s good and holy? Does anyone honestly think Texans and Georgians suddenly turned socialist overnight?  Hell no!  These two people in particular became national celebrities.

Oprah and Will Ferrell went door knocking.  Music stars held concerts.  Leftist TV hosts all invited them on their national shows to chat up their dreamy-ness for a new, Trump free future.  You’d have to be pretty inept to not maintain a competitive race when all of liberal pop culture gives you the national rock-star treatment for weeks on end.  And yet, it wasn’t enough.   

So the day after Election Day, I’m not dispirited in the least.  The left seems to feel excited about Nancy Pelosi returning as Speaker of the House.  Great!  This is a woman Republicans have been running against nationwide for over a decade.  Raise your hand if you’ve ever seen an ad or received a mailer from a Republican denouncing “Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco values.” 

By all means, Democrats – put her back in the driver’s seat! 

Meanwhile, nine of the eleven candidates for whom President Trump personally campaigned won their elections.    Those Republicans who ran against Trump or without him or simply gave up because they believed they couldn’t win under his leadership? Yeah, they lost.  I’m not saying every Republican needs Trump to win, but winning without him sure doesn’t look viable.  

Obama’s endorsements didn’t win.  Oprah’s endorsements didn’t win.  Pick your celebrity endorser.  How’d their candidates do in comparison to Trump?  How’s it possible turnout was so much less than the presidential election for Democrats who were supposedly so fired up to correct the national embarrassment of 2016?

Bottom line – the “blue wave” was a myth.  The broad hatred for Trump is a myth.  Most of all, the media telling you the truth about any of this is, was, and will continue to be a myth.    Time to wave goodbye to the blue wave once and for all.