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A Moral Dilemma

Column by Chris Stigall

The Chris Stigall Show
January 25, 2019 - 7:54 am

Philadelphia (1210 WPHT) - The American left’s new “it” girl is New York freshman Democrat congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  Mostly famous for her Instagram posts and appearances on talk shows, “AOC” is also becoming famous for her Yogi Berra-esque political commentary.  Gems such as “three chambers of government” and “climate change is our World War II and we have twelve years to stop it.”

But my personal favorite, “There’s a lot of people more concerned about being precisely, factually, and semantically correct than about being morally right.”

Direct quote.  I promise.  Not a word out of place or context.

AOC doesn’t need facts when she’s on the “moral” side of the argument, you see?  Morality defined entirely by her, of course.  A clumsy way to say it perhaps, but not a new concept.

President Obama was famous for employing the same tactic while pushing his agenda with the frequent proclamation, “That’s not who we are” to frame the immorality or cruelty of arguments against him.

The Democrats have become very good at selling the “morality” of their arguments for everything.  It’s our moral obligation to have no borders and allow anyone who wants entry into the country without question.  It’s our moral obligation to pay for everyone’s medical needs.  It’s our moral obligation to pay for every kid’s college education.

Demanding employers pay what Democrats deem a “living wage” is our moral obligation, too.  It’s also our moral obligation to drive small cars, stop eating beef, and pay what we must in taxes to stop the climate from changing.  As if we could.

Yes, morality is very en vogue with Democrats.  It’s a funny turn of events to me as a Christian.  If you’re someone who’s been raised to value a certain set of widely accepted and practiced Judeo-Christian values in your own family and community, this probably seems like an odd thing to hear coming from liberals for you, too.

Some of my earliest memories of the American left’s fight against things I believed were widely accepted as morals were the Ten Commandments.  Remember how hard they fought to make sure no public space would ever force you to lay eyes on them?  “Separation of church and state,” they shrieked.  

I won’t re-litigate that debate here, but I would ask a broad question.  If that traditional list of Judeo-Christian values – a moral code – isn’t welcome.  If religion and discussion of a Creator isn’t welcome in public policy debates.  If, as we’re regularly reminded by good leftists, Christians are bigots and “on their high horses” as President Obama once said; Just where do the “morals” the left so loves to proclaim originate?

I’m no theologian or great philosopher.  I just happen to believe certain, very core tenants about the origination of morals and rights.  The Bill of Rights is a list of rights our founders believed were granted by a higher authority.  So important to them was this belief, they were codified in our Constitution.  They can’t be taken away or altered by any person or government. 

It’s always been a question of mine to my atheist and anti-religion friends.  Where do your rights come from if not from God?  This, I believe strikes at the heart of the debate for politicians.  If you accept things like speech and self defense are God-granted rights, that’s a major hurdle for bureaucrats who come up with terms like “hate speech” and “assault weapons” in an attempt to tinker with those rights.  

The same applies for the Ten Commandments. Yes, it’s a “religious” declaration to be sure, but people of faith – and that’s still most of us - believe those are God’s laws to live by.  Those commandments happen to be the basis for much of our civil society today. 

Interestingly, Democrats will often profess to know and understand deeply just what Jesus and Scripture tells us when it comes to those entering illegally at our southern border.  However when it comes to issues of marriage and sexuality, the same crowd jeers, “Butt out, religious zealot!”

In general, God’s laws serve as a very problematic roadblock to those who either don’t believe in them or don’t like to be reminded of them. 

“No Gods before Me” and make no idols? Well, that’s government in a nutshell.  The left has made D.C. and those who inhabit it a temple on high from which all virtue must flow.

Taking God’s name in vain and keeping the Sabbath day holy went bye-bye long ago, unless you work for the “bigots” at Chick-fil-A and Hobby Lobby.

Honoring your father and mother?  Hell, today’s left thinks fathers are the problem.  Toxic masculinity and chauvinism are all fathers have given us, they say.

Adultery? Please.  You can find very current, mainstream arguments for open marriages.  Assuming marriage even means anything at all anymore.

Thou shall not steal?  Tell that to the new American political movement that says they’re entitled to your income if it’s too large because having too much money is simply amoral, so a 70% tax rate should even the score.  If that’s not theft, I don’t know what is.

Bearing false witness against your neighbor? There are some Catholic high school boys in Kentucky who could tell you a thing or two about this one right now.  So could most Trump voters who live next to people with “Hate Has No Home Here” signs in their yards. 

Thou shall not covet?  There goes the entire Democrat platform.  “Nobody got rich on their own!  You didn’t build that!  You have too much.  It’s not right.  Fork it over.”

I’m forgetting one…OH!  That’s right.  Thou shall not murder.   The roaring applause from the New York State Senate chamber this week as they passed a law legalizing abortion for any reason up until birth is all you need to know about keeping that commandment.

Non-doctors in New York are now allowed to conduct abortions through the mother’s due date, and they can even take the baby’s life legally should it survive the abortion.  As for medical justification for such barbarism?  The threshold is as low as the mental health of the mother.  In other words, for any reason whatsoever. 

Contrast this with former NFL quarterback Michael Vick getting two years in federal prison for fighting dogs. I’m all for respecting all life, but if we can’t agree to start with human lives, I’m out.   

Perhaps you see my conundrum in entertaining a highly secular, very hostile leftist ideology when lecturing on the issue of morality.  I simply don’t recognize their authority to declare a moral high ground.  They adhere to no Godly standards, principles, or rights most of the country still recognize.

My rights and my morality come from God.  We must be clear and unambiguous about it.  Now more than ever, the moral thing to do is to stand up and reclaim God honoring morality in our lives and communities and beat back those who profess a manufactured, secular morality based in Washington D. C.    

It’s our God given right to speak out.  It’s His commandment to do so.  Morally speaking, of course.