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Philly DA's office sending the wrong message

Column by Dom Giordano

The Dom Giordano Program
August 27, 2018 - 4:40 am

Philadelphia (1210 WPHT) - 

You may have heard me often talk about Larry Krasner, the George Soros backed district attorney of Philadelphia. He often acts as if he is not a prosecutor but a defense attorney. Even the Philadelphia Inquirer underlined this by the report they filed on him in their Sunday edition.

The paper noted how unprecedented it was for Krasner to overrule his assistant district attorney in a case involving a man on trial for a pistol-whipping robbery. Krasner’s guy had requested the court be cleared of the family and friends of the defendant due to fears of witness intimidation. The defense attorney and the judge agreed but supporters of the defendant called Krasner’s office and his top deputy tried to get the supporters back into the courtroom.

Over the years various lawyers and police officials have told me that witness intimidation is one of their top problems. It’s amazing that Krasner would go this far in overruling his own representative in gauging the courtroom atmosphere.

I see this action as another sign of the lengths Krasner will go to not ensure fair trials but to tilt toward defendants. Soros was smart to give him over a million dollars for his campaign. It takes too much money to fund a significant enough number of legislators to change or create new laws, but district attorneys can ignore laws or intervene on the side of defendants over potential victims.

Kudos to the Inquirer for putting this story on the front page. It illustrates the lengths Krasner will go to play to those who see criminal justice reform as finding ways to be soft on crime. How many times a day is Krasner’s office sending the wrong message? What did the young district attorney learn from this case?

The answers are not good for victims and for confidence in being protected from crime in Philadelphia.