Sid Mark

Sundays 9am - 1pm

"Sid is my kind of guy... he can separate fact from fiction, and he knows the music business inside and out"  - Frank Sinatra

Sid Mark is the nation's leading authority when it comes to the music of Frank Sinatra. He has the largest collection of Sinatra recordings anywhere outside of Frank's own private vaults... in excess of 1800 individual song titles on vinyl records and over 200 compact discs. Sid Mark has been treating Philadelphia audiences to the music of Ol' Blue Eyes for nearly 52 years. His "Friday with Frank," "Saturday with Sinatra" and "Sunday with Sinatra" shows are America's longest running radio programs with the same host. Sid's personal relationship with Sinatra began more than 30 years ago. His programs feature exclusive tapes of conversations with Frank and many of his show business contemporaries. Sid's programs have led to the national syndication of "The Sounds of Sinatra," now heard on more than 100 radio stations from coast to coast. Sid Mark's Sinatra programs are special because he offers more than just Frank's remarkable music. Sid adds fascinating insights into Sinatra's career, with personal anecdotes and stories behind the music. Frank Sinatra's music is timeless. And Sid mark makes every program a show to remember.