Abington Police Chief Patrick Molloy On The State Of Policing

The Dom Giordano Program
Thursday, October 29th
One of our favorite experts on the Dom Giordano Program is Abington Police Chief Patrick Molloy. Yesterday, Molloy sat down with Giordano and openly and succinctly explained what it's like policing in today's hotly political climate. Molloy takes us through a situation similar to the one saw played out in West Philadelphia, and explains why Tasers may not have been a solution in this particular case. News also broke that Philadelphia City Council is considering a  bill that would cut out traffic stops in the city, to which Molloy argues the benefit of these stops with recent arrests made during traffic stops. Also, Molloy describes other methods of non-lethal force that police officers should be able to use, but in many cases cannot due to restrictions within the local government. (Photo by Getty Images)