Americans Are Reaching Pandemic Fatigue (Full Zeoli Show 10-27-20)

The Rich Zeoli Show
Tuesday, October 27th
Today on the Rich Zeoli Show, pandemic fatigue is setting in for many Americans and it will likely play a major factor in who is elected President. Do Americans want, as President Trump said, to learn to live with the virus or risk more shutdowns and social distancing with former Vice President Joe Biden? Senator Kamala appears to completely forget she’s in Cleveland on the campaign trail and Governor Gavin Newsom has some interesting rules for California families this Thanksgiving. U.S. Energy Secretary, Dan Brouillette, joined to discuss the enormous economic impact oil and gas has in Pennsylvania as he makes a stop in western Pennsylvania to visit an oil rig. He highlighted the energy independence the United States has achieved under the Trump administration.

1:35-Pandemic fatigue 

8:30-Betters are laying big money on Trump re-election 

29:45-Senator Kamala Harris forgets she's in Cleveland 

34:05-California issues new rules for families during Thanksgiving 

41:10-Philadelphia officers injured during riots last night amid officer shooting.

44:30-Zeoli chops some wood

49:40-Amy Coney Barrett is confirmed as the next Supreme Court Justice 

1:04:05-Eric Trump joins the show! 

1:17:00-President Trump takes issue with all the lockdowns issued by Governor Wolf 

1:27:25-James Carville believes "it's the pandemic, stupid." 

1:36:50-CDC issues a warning against Italian deli meats

1:57:15-Joe Biden doesn't believe there's a controversy with his son Hunter

2:00:15-Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette joins show! 

2:15:45-Fracking issue is turning PA voters to President Trump

2:17:30-Show Wrap and who won Twitter.    

Photo: Getty Images