Americans Want To See Their Leaders go Head-To-Head in Debates (Full Zeoli Show 08-04-20)

The Rich Zeoli Show
Tuesday, August 4th
Today on the Rich Zeoli Show, will Joe show? As in for the presidential debates? Zeoli points out that American want and need their political figures to face off head-to-head. We shouldn’t be canceling these debates, we should be scheduling them sooner with the influx of early voting. As more mask requirements go into place, how can you be sure your mask is actually keeping you safe? Workplaces and cities are banning masks with vents and the FDA is warning about ineffective KN95 masks from China. Jennifer McDonald, Senior Research Analyst at the Institute for Justice, shared the alarming information that the government has seized billions of dollars at airports under civil asset forfeiture. How can Americans get their money back when it is taken without any due process? Finally, NJ Governor Murphy mandates kids wear masks in the classroom, which Rich says will never work. But is this just a pretext for him shutting down classrooms? All this and more the Zeoli Show so follow the bouncing Cuomo and take a listen!

Photo by: Win McNamee / Staff