Another Trump Trap?

The Dom Giordano Program
Monday, July 15th
Dom started off his show asking the question, ‘have Democrats fallen into the Trump trap again?’ This comes after an uproar following tweets in which the President called out congresswomen such as Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Dom turns over to a discussion about immigration, playing back a clip of New Jersey political heavy-hitter George Norcross going against the Democrat narrative on illegal immigration, asking why the Democrats in charge keep trying to aid people who broke the law. Also, Kamala Harris thinks that Russian bots drove the Colin Kaepernick controversy, Democratic  Senators want to know why WNBA players make less than NBA players, and John Hickenlooper defends Colorado protesters who replaced the American flag with a Mexican flag at a border detention facility.

Photo by Stefani Reynolds/Getty Images