Biden Has No Rockstars on his VP Shortlist (Full Zeoli Show 08-05-20)

The Rich Zeoli Show
Wednesday, August 5th
Today on the Rich Zeoli Show, will there be a surprise for the Biden campaign? Does it even matter for the campaign? Biden’s shortlist is nothing to make people jump for joy or excitement. The day after Inauguration Day, everyone will be set to start the 2024 Presidential race anyway. Zeoli was joined by the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, Sonny Perdue, who discussed the importance of keeping all food chain supply facilities open, safe, and operational during the coronavirus pandemic. Perdue also gave an update on the mysterious seeds from China that have been sent to random homes throughout the country. Gregory Zuckerman of the Wall Street Journal joined to discuss the encouraging advancement for a COVID-19 vaccine as investors rush to reap the potential economic benefits.

Photo by: Scott Olson / Staff