Bridgegate Pt. 2 With NJ Assemblymen Antwan McClellan and Erik Simonsen

The Dom Giordano Program
Friday, January 24th
Dom Giordano talks with NJ Assemblymen Antwan McClellan and Erik Simonsen about the roadwork and the response they have received from the New Jersey Department of Transportation. They explained the trouble the roadwork would cause in relation to the upcoming Trump rally in Wildwood. The Assemblymen explain the chain of command and who would be responsible for calling off the construction project before Trump's visit. Don questions the Assemblymen about Wildwood Mayor Pete Byron's claim that delaying the roadwork would interfere with travel on the Fourth of July. Later, Matt Rooney of joined Dom to give his take on the roadwork and points out how Bridgegate ruled the headlines for months. Rooney talks about how South Jersey is not as blue as people say and gives his predictions for the rally.