Chris Cuomo Claims This is the Worst Italian Slur (Full Show 08/13/19)

The Rich Zeoli Show
Tuesday, August 13th
Rich discusses Jeffrey Epstein and how his mindset differs from other pedophiles (8:17). Rich also comments on the reason Chris Cuomo takes offense at being called "Fredo" in reference to the character from The Godfather film series (17:26).  Rich also recalls when Cuomo defended Antifa and explains where his rage over the "Fredo" reference comes from (40:16). Rich comments on the theory of Epstein possessing blackmail tapes (1:01:19). Rich takes your calls on Cuomo and Epstein and talks with Katie Fehlinger about lying to co-workers (1:52:28). Rich discusses the Gender Unicorn and the uproar it has caused in one community (2:00:35) and Bernie Sanders' praise for an infamous dictator.