Corey Lewandowski Loves Joe Biden's Speeches Because He Digs His Own Grave

The Dom Giordano Program
Thursday, May 28th
Dom Giordano talks with Corey Lewandowski about whether or not Joe Biden is "a cinch" to be the Democratic nominee for President. Lewandowski talks about mail-in ballots and the people who receive ones for the deceased and also talks about the huge lag time between when the ballots go out and when the two principal candidates debate. Lewandowski says Biden is not what he used to be and expects Trump to dominate in any future debate. Lewandowski explains why its good for Biden to be in front of the American people because of the way he digs himself into a bigger hole every time he stands before an audience. Plus, Lewandowski talks about the executive order Trump is slated to sign that will hold social media companies accountable to free speech.​ (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)