Donald Trump Visits Hershey As Impeachment Hearings Loom (Full Show 12/10/19)

The Rich Zeoli Show
Tuesday, December 10th
On this morning's show, Rich discusses the IG report and explains why there is no reason to be excited about it. Rich comments on the articles of impeachment and talks about Donald Trump's upcoming visit to Hershey, PA later today. Rich talks about how the economics of television are changing and critiques Michael Bloomberg's methods of advertising his Presidential campaign. Rich slams Joe Biden's campaign and explains why it is going down the drain. Rich comments on the Democratic campaigns and explains why being "kooky" doesn't work out in the long run. Rich comments on how diversity does not matter in the Democratic primary, but rather the ideology of the candidates. Rich chats with Congressman Guy Reschenthaler about the latest on the impeachment and also talks with Eric Trump about his father's upcoming visit to Hershey, PA. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)