Drive at 5 (01/18/19) | Rich Zeoli Show

The Rich Zeoli Show
Friday, January 18th
In the Drive at 5, Rich flies through the top stories of the day in a fast moving segment. First, Rich talks about Phil Murphy’s ‘skewering’ of Donald Trump, in which he called the President both ridiculous and juvenile. Then, Rich has some fun with the Lesser to the Lemon handoff from last night, in which they swooned over Cardi B and discussed a potential dance-off. Then, Rich switches back to the media’s coverage of Pelosi and Trump’s postponement demands, with Pelosi demanding the SOTU be postponed and Trump responding with a cancellation of her overseas trip. Rich also discusses the media coverage surrounding the Buzzfeed ‘bombshell’, with Democratic Representatives Steve Cohen and Joaquin Castro saying that if the report is true, this will be grounds for impeachment. Also, Rich tells of a question that has never been asked… is PA Senator Bob Casey running for President? Well, even though nobody was asking it, Bob Casey sent a statement to CNN today that he won’t be running in 2020. And a listener writes Rich a heartfelt and tear-jerking letter about adoption.