Drive at 5 (10/11/18) | Rich Zeoli Show

The Rich Zeoli Show
Thursday, October 11th
In the Drive at 5, Rich flies through the best stories of the day in a fast-moving segment. First, in the wake of Kanye West’s meeting with President, Trump Rich talks about Bill Clinton’s time spent fighting publicly with Black Lives Matter. Then, Rich swings back to Kanye’s meeting today with Trump in the Oval Office, and he talks about the media’s “stunned” reaction to the Oval Office meeting. Also, a British couple got drunk and bought a hotel while on vacation, The Vampiric One Nancy Pelosi said that when the Democrats win the house, they’d investigate Trump’s tax returns, Michelle Obama comments on Eric Holder’s new slogan “when they go low, we kick them”, and CNN and MSNBC had temper tantrums when the word “mob” was used.