Election Season May Be Closing but Counting Season is Close (Full Zeoli Show 10-29-20)

The Rich Zeoli Show
Thursday, October 29th
Today on the Rich Zeoli Show, the end of the election season is nearly here but “counting” season will begin on 11/3 as the expectation increases we will not know the results of the 2020 election on election night. Former Governor and Secretary of Energy, Rick Perry, joined the show to discuss the devastating impact the idea of the ban on fracking and Green New Deal would have on jobs throughout the country, especially in Pennsylvania. He also spoke on the media's "pipe dream" of having Texas flip blue. Social media companies have become arbiters of “truth” by censorship and the CEO’s need to answer these questions.

0:40-Philadelphia goes under curfew 

6:10-Might be too late to mail your ballot using the postal service 

8:00-Abandoned van found in Philadelphia with propane tanks and torches inside

25:50-"Anonymous" revealed to be a former DHS Chief of Staff

39:00-Philadelphia cops ordered to stand down on protesters 

41:50-Former Energy Secretary and Governor Of Texas Rick Perry! 

1:04:20-Speaker Pelosi has already decided the election results

1:13:10-Social media companies testify to  Senate on the Hunter Biden story. 

1:22:10-Bruce Springsteen is headed to Australia.....maybe 

1:25;30-"Comedian" Chelsea Handler is crazy 

1:30:15-Michael Keaton goes Biden

 1:36:30-More protests within Philadelphia 

1:47:40-Zeoli's washing machine is still out of order

 1:55:45-Governor Cuomo has some "irons in the fire" for potential girlfriends 

2:03:55-New York police barge into home for complaints of a large crowd 

 2:11:40-Trump declares a vote for Biden means no in-school learning, weddings, Thanksgiving or Christmas gatherings

 2:19:15-Show wrap and who won Twitter.  

Photo by: Ethan Miller / Staff