Everything from Cars to Tap Water is Life-Threatening (Full Show 09/04/19)

The Rich Zeoli Show
Wednesday, September 4th
Rich opens the show clarifying his own political ideology, explaining how his views differ from the moderate Democrats out there (01:28).  Rich addresses Cory Booker's crusade against lead pipes and the potential dangers tap water presents to those who cook with or drink it (23:40). Rich "commends" Wal-Mart (1:20:33) and praises Whoopi Goldberg for taking Debra Messing down a peg on The View (1:23:14). Rich takes your calls on the lead pipe issue (1:30:35). Plus, Rich talks about a Colorado teen banned from school for going out to the woods to shoot their guns (2:00:28) and diminished patience in the digital age (2:07:05).