Evil Genius Beer Company (LIVE): Luke Bowen & Trevor Hayward | Growing Greater

Growing Greater
Friday, May 24th
Season 2 Episode 12: Brewing Success: Evil Genius Beer Company Live at Villanova University | Growing Greater

On this special episode we had the pleasure of chatting with Luke Bowen and Trevor Hayward, co-founders of Evil Genius Beer Company in front of a live audience of MBA students, faculty, alumni, and business leaders at Villanova University’s School of Business.  Through a few fated encounters while attending the MBA program at Villanova, we learned how Luke and Trevor brewed their passions into the Evil Genius Beer Company.  Joining us for the recording in front of the live audience was Dr. Joyce Russell, Dean of the Villanova School of Business.  Dean Russell, who has extensive experience in business and in academia, shared with us just what makes Villanova University and its Villanova School of Business such a special and genius place for entrepreneurs to grow.